About my artwork–

“For years I have been telling people “They aren’t making good scarves anymore!” That era is over. Linae Enockson Bieber Is making gorgeous scarves. I have been wearing one all day! Thanks for your amazing jewelry and scarves.”  Susan, 2014

“Thanks for sharing your talents with us.  Your work is beautiful!”  Sandi, 2014

“I LOVE my purchases.  You have such amazing talent.  Thanks for sharing it with us.” Eileen, 2014

“It is my joy–I LOVE your work.  Thank you.” Carrie, 2014

“Beautiful pieces!”  Michelle, 2014

“Last night I witnessed Linae’s Itajime Japanese Shibori technique for dyeing silk scarves.  Bismarck, take note.  You have so many talented people making beauty.” Kevin, 2014

About my teaching–

“You are an amazing instructor!  You have inspired another avenue of creative energy in my world!  THANKS!”  Connie, 2014

“The class was a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting all my new friends!  Thanks, Linae, for being awesome!” Joy, 2014

“Fun teacher, very prepared and organized–thank you for a fun experience.” Sally, 2014

“Linae is an AWESOME teacher!  Great Class!” Stephanie, 2014

“Linae, you are so positive and made the class very interesting.”  Marlene, 2014

“Loved the class. Had a blast.”  Bonita, 2014

“Instructor is very informed, educated, energized.” Student feedback, 2014

“Linae is a fantastic instructor–very organized, very creative, very kind with incredible skills in relating with each personality type.” Student feedback, 2014

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