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So happy to share!

I spent a few moments yesterday sharing this website with my colleagues in a Career Advisor training.  It felt wonderful!  I am moving into a new phase of my own career development:  integration.  For the last 10 years, I have been an artist in one life and an administrative professional in another.  I am making moves to bring both together, despite the fact that it feels impossible at times.  Both paths live within me and I am one person, so this integration is very, very possible!

Two scary parts:

Wondering if my “day job” supervisors believe I am less of a good worker because I have another career in art.

My experience of exhaustion–at times–when both careers are running at full tilt!

I can honestly say that I rarely have down-time and I am rarely bored.  More often it is the case that I experience heightened stress and anxiety from trying to do by best at both!

My colleagues at the training were supportive and complimentary of my materials.  Sharing the integrated me felt WONDERFUL!

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